Halifax Oyster Festival

Halifax Oyster Festival

Sweet friends,

Every seventeen years, cicadas spring from the earth in a flurry of chirping, releasing their sweet song into the world. According to Hindu cosmology, every 4,320,000 years the human race appears and disappears in an awe-and-dread-inspiring cycle. We’re talking birth and death and rebirth here, people, we’re talking eternal recurrence of the same, we’re talking circle of fifths, we’re talking Stephen Kampa & the Pickups play every so often and now is so often and you should be here so often to hear us!

That’s right. I’m dusting off my harmonicas, I’m gargling whisky, I’m getting ready to unbutton a few buttons. Our guitar player, Steve Hutter, unearthed a magic pedal from the seventies. Our bass player, Fred Fronauer, invented an entirely new chord out of notes inaudible to all but angels. Our drummer, Eddie Tolly, invented a brand-new *baby* in the past two years, people–a real live baby! A brand-spaking-new human being! A new fan! What I’m saying is that we’re ready to play. Real ready.

Where? When? Oh, lovers, I’m so glad you asked.

Stephen Kampa & the Pickups
Halifax Oyster Festival
Sat., 4/29/2017, like, tomorrow
11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

We’re very excited to be opening the festival like a fine craft beer. We’re very excited to be playing a song called “Devil’s Foot.” We’re very excited to see you there eating, drinking, and being merry, and we want to be merry with you. *Very* merry.

You may be thinking, “11:00 a.m.? That’s a little early.” Oh, maybe. Or very late in the 4,320,000-year cycle. Just a matter of perspective. Let’s get cosmic.

We love you all so much. I love you especially muchly. We’ll see you tomorrow.


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