Harmonica Work on Victor Wainwright’s Boom Town

Harmonica Work on Victor Wainwright’s Boom Town


I am pleased to announce that I was privileged to contribute some harmonica work to the latest album from Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots, Boom Town, currently available on Blind Pig Records.

I know I’m liable to be biased here, but I think this is an amazing album, and you’d be doing yourself a favor to check it out. You can find samples from it on Amazon or YouTube, and if you’re interested in hearing one of my humble contributions–the one where they really let me cut loose–you can find it by clicking here. For you harp freaks, I play in both third position and fifth position on that cut . . .

If you’re interested in buying the album, click here.

Life is short, friends. Enjoy the music. Keep checking back here for more updates: there are a lot of changes in the air. And read some good poems. If life really is short, we all ought to be living the richest one possible: what better way to start than with a good poem and some good music?

With gladness,

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